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Early press for Good Food, Healthy Planet, published by Touchwood Editions, April, 2024

- In her debut cookbook, Good Food, Healthy Planet, Puneeta writes, "we need to expand the definition of good food to include not only us but everyone else." - Laura Brehaut, National Post, May, 2024



- 13 interviews, across Canada on CBC Radio, April 22, 2024 to promote Good Food, Healthy Planet.

Here's an excerpt from one of the interviews:



What is the one thing that you would like people to remember when they read your book?

(First some context - these were a series of syndicated interviews on CBC Radio that air from coast to coast across Canada. There were 13 in total, all with CBC hosts and journalists based in various cities across the country. Each segment was just under 7 minutes long, and they ran back to back over a 4 hour period. Incredible to reach such a large audience but I was conscious of the ticking clock, so my answers were quick.)

Here’s a version of what I said in answer to the question at that time:

The medical science and climate research is clear; if we consume a diet that is rich in whole grains, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, eggs, beans, lentils, some fish, and even a small amount of meat, we can improve our personal wellbeing and support the long-term health and prosperity of our planet. 

Here’s what I wish I had said more of at that time:

Our actions impact not only us but others too. What we do every day, our daily actions, the everyday and mundane, they affect us and our experience, they also affect the people around us and the larger environment. Which is incredible when you think of it, because that means when we change our daily actions, not only can we change ourselves but also our environment.

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma on KCRW's Good Food Radio


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Puneeta has extensive experience in storytelling, pitching and booking media. She is often invited as a good food/ sustainability expert on various media.


  • Hopeful steps towards climate change
  • Small Steps = Big Impact
  • Simple, sustainable Living
  • What we eat can help us feel good
  • Home cooking and why it's a critical life skill
  • Nature and health are deeply interconnected
  • First-gen immigrant experiences

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